progress after one week


progress of today

so basically these are all small pieces from a big drawing
progressing slowly


working on my new samples
new brogue upper using the real material

 small surface treatment


small overview
new illustration


all together


Finally Got My Own Work Box !

after 2 and a half months they finally gave me
my own work corner, so happy !


Fourth Sample (Fragmented Brogue) !

Today I've managed to finish my fourth sample of the fragmented brogue. In this sample I reduced the cutting lines to a total of five, making it much more readable. I used a dress shoe last and I payed much more attention to the details, so it refers more to the classical brogue. I think I'm quite satisfied with the lines and the overall shape now. So for my next step I'll focus on the colors, the lining and the outsole.

First screen printing sample using one of my old illustrations. This was to get an impression of the effect printing on transparant fabric. By hanging the fabric up, you get these nice overlapping layers showing the drawing in a quite nice nuance.


fourth sample, fragmented shoes

using a more dress shoe last this time


lovely sunset, to say goodbye to tuesday


I decided to do more with my illustrations than just presenting them in frames. So I started making roll outs, to make them usable for screenprinting. They're probably gonna be used for shawls, because with a shawl the illustration remains a drawing. If you for example use it for a t-shirt, I get the feeling the drawing turns into a print (which is a pity). So stay tuned for more updates.

 massive roll out of 1.5metre :D


Here are some pictures from the preperation for the fourth sample. As you can see, I decided to make a more detailed upper hoping for an even stronger result.


Third Sample (Deconstructed Brogue) !

Hereby I present my third sample. The main focus of the past few weeks was to get the upper right, or in other words; to get the lines right. I'll give a short evaluation of this sample; The outside part is still very messy, unreadable and doesn't really make sense. But the inside part (picture nr.2 & 4) is what I've been looking for. It's almost like I created a new pattern with the old patterns by connecting them in a new way. The upper edge is also much more exciting now, which goes from high in the back to extremely low to high again at the front. So I'll improve the outside part in my fourth sample, then I think I should be nearly there.


New update of the pump, I'm working on at the shoemaking course. Finished the upper with leather toe and heel reinforcement inside. Just need to attach the outsole under it with a nice leather wrapping around the heel, then it's ready for the streets.


four shoe students, one table
the graduation collection :P