I haven't really been active lately coz of the holiday, but I've managed to squeeze out another line art drawing made with fineliner on paper.

i see you


Since my Christmas holiday has started, I can't continue my shoe projects because the tools and the machines I need for my experiments are at school. Therefore, I decided to post some old illustrations I made last year, so you can see how I have developed them.

one of my first illustrations



shoe factory

magic hatter

sleeping forest



Paper Surgery by Stephen J Shanabrook

paper surgeries by me


first attempt of translating the 2d paper surgeries to a 3d model,
by deconstructing a sneaker






Apart from footwear, I also have this big fascination for graphics or any 2 dimensional artform. So because of that, I started drawing. I kept drawing and drawing with the idea to visualize the illustrative world I have in my mind. In an abstract way, my illustrations are connected with the products I make; they inspire each other.

The essence of my illustrations is decoration. If you take out the decoration part, the illustrations won't have the same impact anymore. So I kind of started to see it as the main quality of my drawings. This made me wonder why I can't use this same way of thinking for my products (keeping in mind that decoration is like a mortal sin in the product design world).

So with that in mind, I started to approach the products I made with the same mindset. Eventually, I started to recognize decoration in the products I made aswell, but in a more abstract way. In a way,  what I did with my shoes is not related to any technical functionality but instead purely based on aesthetics, which I now see as decoration.

Eventually these illustrations will also be exhibited next to my shoe collection at my graduation exhibition, next summer 
eat me



I started with this blog in relation to my graduation which commences next year. To be more precise, right now I'm working hard to be able to graduate in the summer of 2011. This blog is basically to document the entire process of my current projects. I guess you can also see it as a diary of what I'm doing at uni.

The idea is to create different interpretations of the dress shoe or classical men's shoe. This comes forth from my fascination for the dress shoe itself, apart from that you can see it as a reaction to the subtle development in these kinds of shoes. What I want to achieve here is to find the border of how far you can go with reinterpreting these kinds of shoes but still being wearable. Break free from the traditional image it has and giving it a fresh new look. I think that's about enough information for now.

These two shoes are going to form the first series as a modern interpretation of the dress shoe I made last year. Followed by a second series of three more models as a more expressive, outspoken interpretation.