Apart from footwear, I also have this big fascination for graphics or any 2 dimensional artform. So because of that, I started drawing. I kept drawing and drawing with the idea to visualize the illustrative world I have in my mind. In an abstract way, my illustrations are connected with the products I make; they inspire each other.

The essence of my illustrations is decoration. If you take out the decoration part, the illustrations won't have the same impact anymore. So I kind of started to see it as the main quality of my drawings. This made me wonder why I can't use this same way of thinking for my products (keeping in mind that decoration is like a mortal sin in the product design world).

So with that in mind, I started to approach the products I made with the same mindset. Eventually, I started to recognize decoration in the products I made aswell, but in a more abstract way. In a way,  what I did with my shoes is not related to any technical functionality but instead purely based on aesthetics, which I now see as decoration.

Eventually these illustrations will also be exhibited next to my shoe collection at my graduation exhibition, next summer 
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